Workshops: “Against the Myths” – #NativeAmerican Stereotypes in Film at a Film Fest in Germany


This Sunday, 16 November 2014 in Rostock, Germany I’ll be giving two workshops at the “Tages des Indigenen Films”, a multicultural event to help spread understanding and knowledge of indigenous peoples speaking for themselves using the medium of feature film and documentary.

“Elements EV, will be presenting several feature films, documentaries and children’s films created by indigenous peoples to help spread accurate knowledge about themselves across the world in the way they wish to be known.

I will be presenting two workshops: one for adults, and one for children. For adults, “Gegen den Mythos”, directly addressing the Hollywood and European stereotypes that are still perpetuated, as well as discussing modern perspectives, beliefs and progression. For children, a simpler discussion and presentation on why we don’t give feathers, and what they really mean in native cultures. My son, who is accompanying me, will assist in this workshop.”

Workshops begin at noon. For more information, and to see the list of films to be screened, please visit the website.”

Promo Images of the Films from Elements e.V.

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Celebrating 4 Years at Smashwords: Free Books in July

newlogoSMCelebrating 4 years at Smashwords starting July 1st: free e-books for the entire month from our writer cooperative and multi-media entity: Flying With Red Haircrow. These include award winning titles, “The Agony of Joy”, and “Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World”.

Please read more at one of our author’s websites:

Rainbow Warriors

Nephy’s World


Book Links

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Coming March 17th: “CORE”, Selected Poems by Red Haircrow


Poetry » American poetry » Native American

Published by Flying With Red Haircrow

Published: Available March 17, 2014

Words: 5,340

Language: American English

ISBN: 9781311903570

Price: $4.99

“CORE is a poetry collection with themes of suicide, loss and grief, but also of courage, joy and deeply passionate love. It is a journey of healing and survival that has taken the author around the world and through his own heart and spirit. It is the revealing of darkness and light, of beauty and hideousness, and a reliance on the strength of one’s ancestors and their beliefs to inspire hope and perseverance.”

Readers appreciative of contemporary poetry written by a Native American poet who has traveled the world and the broad spectrum of life may be interested in the forty plus poems written in a variety of styles and meters. Delivered from a unique perspective, sometimes dark and powerful, and at others whimsically gentle, work by Red Haircrow has often been described as “unforgettable and haunting.”

Core will be available at Smashwords & its distributors, and other online sources.

Editorial Reviews:

“There is no doubt Red Haircrow has a gift for descriptive prose; the vivid imagery the author presents through the selection of language sketches a picture for the reader that is rich in feeling and atmosphere.”Top2Bottom Reviews

“Inspirational, often poignant, occasionally brutal…”— Bob Cherny, The LL Book Reviews

“I read this collection with a sense of wonder, humility and inspiration and the writing deeply touched me on a multitude of levels.”-Indie Reviews

“To make something so beautiful out of pain and struggle is the highest meaning of what I believe art is: transforming hurt and becoming healers.”Ana Christina Caelen, Sound therapist, Musician and Composer

“It makes me think, makes me feel, enables me to travel to different places without leaving the comfort of my easy chair.”– Nancy Ferrer, Outlaw Reviews

Author Profile:

Red Haircrow is an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction, poet, private chef and former law enforcement officer of Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee descent who lives in Berlin, Germany. Red is also a psychological counselor, publicist and owner of the multi-media entity Flying With Red Haircrow.

Red Haircrow has various poems, shorter works and articles published in magazines like Sword & Saga Press’ American Athenaeum, Sibling Rivalry Press’ Assaracus, Danse Macabre, and Indian Country Today Media Network.

Awards include: Rainbow Award 2012 Best LGBT Biography/Memoir for “Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World”. Winner Global Ebook 2013 Awards Best LGBT Fiction for “The Agony of Joy”, Finalist Rainbow Awards 2013 Best LBT Fiction, “The Agony of Joy.”

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Now Available on Amazon: “A Long Way to Contentment” by Boyd Lemon

Introductory price on Kindle just $.99!


Description: “There’s a new kind of hero in town––Brad, multifaceted, talented, flawed, lonely and powerful.

Brad, the family man who sits for hours with his comatose sister in a San Francisco hospital.

Brad, damaged and abandoned by his mother, ignored by his father.

Brad, still waiting for the best seller his agent believes he deserves.

Brad, the man who drives away his disappointment, pain and horror with the cocaine he desires so much.

Brad, the prisoner of Myanmar.

Welcome to Brad’s world.”

In Boyd Lemon’s epic, contemporary new novel we see a different side of Lemon, a side that we have waited so long to see. Where will Boyd take Brad? Available on Amazon.


Boyd Lemon-Author of:
  • A Long Way To Contentment: A Novel (2014)
  • Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages, a memoir about the author’s journey to understand his role in the destruction of his three marriages
  • Retirement: A Memoir and Guide
  • Eat, Walk, Write: An American Senior’s Year of Adventure in Paris and Tuscany
  • Unexpected Love and Other Stories
  • Winter, Short Fiction and Personal Essays
Check out my Amazon Author Page for more information:
For excerpts, reviews, interviews and information about all of my books:

Alternate email address

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“Romance & Firework” at Badenscher Hof, Saturday, 25 January at 21Uhr

2Saturday evening, 25 January 2014, the 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio will be performing at the well-known location for jazz performances, Badenscher Hof, a musik café and restaurant located in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin.

. Badensche Straße 29 / Ecke Berliner Straße
. 10715 Berlin Wilmersdorf
. 030-861 00 80 Reservierung (bitte nur telefonisch) empfohlen!

baden105 Lenz Kubach Johnson: Uli Lenz – piano, Kubi Kubach – doublebass, Zam Johnson – drums. Since 2007 the trio is playing around the world.

Deutsch: Seit 2007 ist das Trio. “105 Lenz Kubach Johnson” ein ein-geschworenes Team und der Erfolg gibt den drei Musikern Recht: In der Presse heißt es: “Die drei bilden ein Trio, das nicht nur aufeinander eingespielt ist und sich blind ver-steht, sondern auch noch unbändigen Spaß an der Musik hat” oder “Den drei Musikern gelang es mit ihren harmo-niegebundenen, stark rhythmischen und abwechslungs-reichen Stücken des Modern Jazz, das Publikum vom ersten bis zum letzten Augenblick zu begeistern.” Und eine weitere Zeitung spricht gar von einem Vulkanausbruch: “Ein explosives Gemisch aus Romanze und Feuerwerk, Ray Nobles “Cherokee” wird mit rasantem Tempo zu einer Art musikalischem Vulkanausbruch …”

For reviews of past performances:

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