Vallar by Cindy Borgne

Review: Sentence structure and grammar could have been clearer, as some descriptions were difficult to determine and seemed rather odd to me, along with areas of the dialogue. Possibly this is also a first person POV issue, which is increasingly become a mode I’m exasperated by, as too often when not used as expansively as possible, it lends a one-dimensional quality to the work. Repetitive phrasing of the main character’s thoughts also exacerbated this feeling.

Since the main character is a sixteen year old, perhaps that’s whyI found the details to be limited in depth or of a kind I found difficult to visualize. Characterization tended towards “types.” For example, you have Ian, young, misused, sensitive and longing after girl he saw in a vision, in contrast to Beacon, the evil abuser and callous leader of Marscorp. The secondary character Nate was more believeable and likeable when compared to Ian.

I wanted to believe, I wanted to be excited, I wanted to like Ian and empathize with him, but the delivery just didn’t provide it for me. I felt there were a lot of good ideas in Vallar, and the planetscape of Mars is definitely a exotic territory I enjoy being explored in science fiction, but I felt editing and characterization issues held this book back from what it could have been.

Description: Ian Connors struggles to save the girl of his dreams and escape the corruption surrounding him – otherwise there is no future for either of them. He must take charge of his life or he will remain a pawn and forever separated from those he loves.

The story takes place in the future about a hundred years after the people of Earth decided to abandon the colonies of Mars. This happened due to Earth’s population problems and a dwindling of their own resources. Over time, the scientific colonies evolved into military factions. The leaders of Marscorp believe that by conquering smaller organizations they will be able to gain enough power to force their way back to Earth. They seek to use Ian for his psychic ability in order to complete their mission.
Published: April 14, 2011

Vallar is available at Amazon in Kindle format and paperback.
It’s also at Smashwords in several e-formats.

An extended free preview is available at the author’s website:

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Author Bio:


Cindy Borgne lives in Michigan with her two kids and one stubborn, yet somehow lovable basset hound. She has written mostly science fiction, but is considering branching out into fantasy and historical. Cindy likes to read a wide variety of books. Her favorites include Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert, Connie Willis, Julia Cameron and Wilbur Smith.

Her stories are character driven and somewhat fast paced. Readers may notice that her characters evolve throughout her stories. Prior to Vallar being published, Cindy has participated extensively for years in many critique groups. She also has a novelette out called “TransShifter” published by Melange books. In 2006, she won an honorable mention for short fiction from Writer’s Digest. Her short story “ThunderSnow” was chosen as an editor’s pick at Eloquent Stories. Cindy also participates in a book review site called “Good Book Alert”.

Currently, she is working on the sequel to “Vallar”

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