One Small Step by Stevie Woods

Review: Over a solid framework of decent writing Stevie Woods built a story not quite coming out, not quite first love, but I felt their literary goals were ably met and completed. The story progressed in a reasonable manner with scenes of daily life which fleshed out the main story of Stephen and Gary’s attraction.

For those who read primarily for sexual content and description, this would be an appealing story for sexual descriptions are profuse but personally I prefer subtle, less detail heavy scenes and gay sex that is accurate in mechanics. More well-rounded stories and characters are to my taste but I could see why this writer would have a supportive fan base. “One Small Step” is a perfect example of m/m fiction.

Reviewed by Red Haircrow

Personal Note: I do not usually review m/m fiction, and yes my final comment is both literal and ironic at the same time. This story is a perfect example of m/m fiction which is well-liked and received by many readers, but for me there was not enough accuracy regarding natural progression of the relationship or sex, and the dialogue and actions are very heterosexual in my opinion. I do very much respect the writer’s completion of a story which should be acknowledged of anyone who choose to present their ideas to the world.

I did have a problem with the cover. The writer is offering what is angled to be a positive gay romance, but the cover only looks like a stereotypical image of casual gay sex and for me, it lessened what the author seemed to be attempting though I do understand marketing/advertisement and realized why the image was likely chosen.

Book Description: Stephen has known since he was a teenager that he was gay, but Gary has only recently accepted that he loves Stephen as more than just a friend. Accepting his feelings is one thing, acting on them is another and Gary pulls back at the intimate moment.

Stephen is not about to give up on a relationship with the man he loves and decides to woo Gary, to help ease him into that one small step that will lead to the sexual relationship they both want. Gary agrees to go on a date with him, but Stephen plays a more subtle game that Gary realizes.

However, Stephen’s plan is interrupted when he becomes ill following a business dinner. Will it be enough to derail the dinner date Stephen has planned with Gary for the coming Friday night?

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