Hotel Flamingo by Patrick O’Duffy

Review: A series of vignettes into a mysterious hotel where time itself has cohesion, the turns of phrases and artful imagination of the author paints of a vivid image of a speculative world just out of focus of our Earth. Presumably. Where words can become real, magic happens without comment, and a person can create their own fate.

“Hotel Flamingo” is stylishly creative, intriguing in and of itself, and has engendered many positive comments from readers but ultimately it didn’t inspire me. A cross between speculative fantasy and classic horror with some really great concepts, lovers of fantasy and the eclectic read would certainly find it of interest.


Description: 22 rooms. 22 characters. One mosaic novella following a tangle of destinies through a hotel packed with weirdness, coincidence and impossibility.

The cleaning lady eats time. The manager mourns his multi-gendered parent. A pirate radio DJ listens for God. An accountant prepares to kill again. And that’s only in four rooms of the Hotel Flamingo, where the room service is terrible and reality flakes and crumbles around the edges.
Come to a part of town where the dealers meet, where the forgotten people hide, where reality cracks and peels like cheap wallpaper. Where normal is a dirty word.

And while you’re here, come stay at the Hotel Flamingo – a refuge for resentful angels, feral symbols, disgraced magicians, broken-hearted foundlings, bad dreams and many others.


Published November 30th 2010
Publisher: Patrick O’Duffy, via Smashwords
ISBN: 0011146761
ISBN13: 2940011146763
Available at several online distributors and Smashwords
Source: Author

Author Bio:

Patrick O’Duffy is tall, Australian and a professional editor, although not always in that order. He has written role-playing games, short fiction, a little journalism and freelance non-fiction, and is currently working on a novel, although frankly not working hard enough. He loves off-kilter fiction, Batman comics and his fiancée, and finds this whole writing-about-yourself-in-the-third-person thing difficult to take seriously.

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