Mind Café by Lizzy Ford

Review: “Mind Café” was a story I found while roaming through Smashwords, and found the description appealing. There were a couple of times when sentence structure in the narrative portions left me somewhat confused as to what was happening and when, but this story grabbed me from the very first sentence which was outstanding in its unspoken encouragement to have me read more.

Dialogue was naturally flowing and enjoyable. The descriptions were perfectly on time, just enough for you to visualize and build upon in your own mind, without slowing the pace. The story was one almost anyone could understand and find themselves empathizing with the main character, yet with special touches that made it personal. You were made to imagine yourself being in their position, wondering what you would do.

“Mind Café” shows a unique view of life, death and dying which I felt privileged to have seen from the author’s perspective. Don’t mistake it as a mere story of a life’s end, but how life can continue on as long as you are convinced you are alive.

I will admit that despite all the books, short stories and poetry I’ve read, several thousand, there are many I’ve liked or even loved, but there are a limited number which have personally touched my emotions in this way. Mind Café is truly outstanding writing, an unforgettable story and proof positive against those who believe self-published or “indie” titles are less worthy than those offered by traditional publishers.

Description: The Mind Café: death’s waiting room and the only refuge for a woman trapped in her body after a tragic accident leaves her unable to do anything but watch the world and think. A fiction, paranormal short story just under 5,000 words, part of a larger collection of stories depicting a day in the life of the unique.

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Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative

Format/Length: eBook, 4968

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5 responses to “Mind Café by Lizzy Ford

  1. THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful review, Red Haircrow! I’m happy the story affected you as it did. The amount of emotion in the story and its sensitive topics made it challenging to write. I wanted to show others a world where life and death aren’t as definitive and superficial as we make them out to be. From birth we’re trained to judge rather than explore, to dismiss or devalue the unfamiliar and stick with what we know. I’ve always struggled with these expectations. I tend to see my world from the inside out and question what others take as common knowledge. Admittedly, this isn’t any easy way to go through life!! But these traits and my fascination with the versatility and volatility of human nature (not to mention the human mind!) have strengthened my writing, so that all my suffering isn’t in vain! Ha!
    In any case, I appreciate you taking the time to write a review of Mind Café. I’m ecstatic that my story not only touched you, but that you found this little indie writer worth reading and reviewing. Never stop writing … one day, maybe they’ll stop publishing books by illiterate idiots like Snookie, and folks will once again recognize writing for its quality and not for the famous name attached to it. We’ll all be there when that happens. 🙂

    • I fully support indie writers/publishers, and I very much agree, just because a “big” name is attached to a story or the writer can point out their number of fans, doesn’t make their writing worthy in and of itself.

      The second thing for me that was outstanding in your story was the amount of emotion and thoughtfulness you incorporated in a short story. Just because a story is short doesn’t mean it lacks accomplishment or depth. You proved that ably. I’ve read many full length novel which cannot touch the imagination you demonstrated for us.

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  3. It may have only gotten my vote, but I really thought your short story was outstanding Lizzy, so I entered and voted for it 2010 “Best” short story on the Critters.org website http://www.critters.org/predpoll/final_tally_shortstory.ht

  4. natalie_01

    I would so check this book out! It sounds interesting! 🙂

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