Reboot by Carl Rauscher

Review: From the beginning, it was obvious the author put a lot of thought and consideration into creating a nearly post-apocalyptic world where basic items taken for granted today could mean life or death in the future frontier. Such descriptions and details abounded throughout the book, though sometimes I felt a little less would have been better.

From the book description, I thought the view would be primarily from the main character Oscar Riddell, but instead, much of it is from the perspective of a girl child named Rabbit, who he met in the isolated town, whose inhabitants saved him from his bandit inflicted wounds. I wanted more of an adult, gritty view expected of a seriously distressed world and to learn the heavy topics, darker secrets and realities after the “Pulse”, not someone’s fondness for a particular toy.

That being said, overall I thought “Reboot” was a thought-provoking, very well planned work of sci-fi/fantasy that compelled me forward through it’s plausible story and made me want to keep reading. It’s a truly chilling “what-if.”  If electronic device reliant cultures were actually faced with little or no capability for their hugely computer interactive worlds?  Carl Rauscher built a very visual, believable world with characters I could imagine easily. I highly recommend this book.

Description: Everyone remembers where they were on the night of the Pulse, when the government gave up trying to contain the computer virus and used a couple of high altitude nukes to wipe it out. Many would also like to forget what came after as society collapsed for a while and people had to rediscover skills they’d need to survive technology’s absence.

Oscar Ridell is a hero to most towns he visits as he travels west, paying for room and board by restoring equipment fried by the Pulse. Few guess he’s part of a national recovery effort; fewer still that their hero is a reformed alcoholic, haunted by the voices of his estranged wife and child. When a bandit attack leaves him gut-shot and bleeding to death, Oscar awakens in an isolated town with no belongings and little to offer rescuers, other than his repair skills – something the town’s leaders forbid he use lest he revive something harmful to their fragile community.

Winter is approaching, bandits control the roads, and the only means of contacting someone back east for help rests in the hands of a national guard unit who, Oscar discovers, are the source of the bandit attacks.

What Oscar wouldn’t give for a working telephone… or a stiff drink.”

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Published March 16th 2011 by Carl Rauscher
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About the author:

Carl Rauscher grew up somewhere between Wisconsin and Iowa, not very far from the Mississippi River, where he dreamed of far-off worlds and their strange inhabitants. He enlisted in the U.S. military and traveled all over, learning that those far-off worlds weren’t very far away and sometimes the real world was stranger than anything he dared imagine. These days, Carl can be found in Maryland alternating between life as a management analyst at a federal agency, and being a husband and father at home, happily sharing stories and solving problems as the situation requires.
You can find him online at:

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