An Atmosphere of Angels by H.C. Turk

Review: Human and alien interaction in sci-fi is one of my favorite themes when it’s done in an intelligent manner, such as in C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner Universe and many others by her, or with humor, such as in the League of Peoples series by James Alan Gardner’s, which began with Expendable.

“An Atmosphere of Angels” had a solid framework of science fiction know-how, and is eloquent and lyrical at times, but the sexual references, innuendo and preoccupation seemed overdone at the beginning. The supposed professionals behaved far less than professional on an important interspecies research mission reminding me of irritating adolescents but I found the premise of the story itself to be interesting and intriguing, and I enjoyed how it developed otherwise.

There were some idiosyncrasies I felt might have been left out, yet to be honest, this was one of the few books where I was at work or in transit and realized I was eager to get home and read more simply because it was different.

H.C. Turk has a distinct way of writing that, if you read their Q&A below, you can definitely sense their personality in the characters and situations within their work. Enjoyment of that propensity and difference in sense of humor can be subjective, and might not suit some readers’ taste, but the Atmosphere of Angels is a story you won’t soon forget.

Description: “As part of a treaty with a primitive race, Terran space explorers agree to dispose of an abandoned stellar craft. Trapped inside the ship, the Terrans (Parno and Kathlynn) find numerous alien corpses, and one ghost.

In order to escape, the Terrans must learn the workings of the ship. The ghost tries to kill them via spontaneous combustion, offworld narcotics, drowning in alien viscera, high-tech disintegration, and common beatings. Though severely injured, Parno and Kathlynn are healed by the ship.

When the entire ship begins disintegrating, Parno and Kathlynn are forced to face the ghost. If they succeed, the ether ore is theirs. If they fail, they and the ghost will achieve unending peace.”

  • Published: September 30, 2011
  • By H.C. Turk
  • ISBN: 9781465787
  • Available at Smashwords, Amazon and other online locations
  • Source: Author

About this author:

Q&A Written by the author:
A: This is hard.
Q: Why is making a bio so hard for you?
A: Because it’s like talking. I don’t like to talk; I like to write.
Q: But people want to know about authors. Reading a book requires a lot of effort.
A: Writing one ain’t exactly playtime.
Q: That’s better. Go ahead, tell us more. Did you have a pleasant childhood?
A: Ask my dog; he was there.
Q: Your dog is stuffed. He’s not a real dog.
A: He’s more real than you are. You can’t even ask a good question.
Q: Here’s one: Why should people read your books?
A: Because my puppy will be sad if they don’t.
Q: We need to get serious here. How many novels have you written?
A: 33.
Q: I’ll bet your dog can’t count that high. How long have you been writing?
A: I’ll answer if you promise not to kick my dog again (metaphorically).
Q: He wouldn’t feel it—he’s stuffed.
A: If someone kicked the stuffing out of you, I bet you wouldn’t enjoy it.
Q: Would I enjoy it more than reading one of your books? Or would it be equally painful?
A: You’re cruel to dogs AND to authors.
Q: If you answer my last question, I promise to be nice. How many years have you been writing?
A: [mumbles]
Q: That’s pathetic.
A: Why don’t you ask me about my stories?
Q: Stories are for campfires.
A: The basis of history’s greatest novels is the story: the story of nations, cultures, families, individuals. The greatest idea that can be expressed in fiction is story.
Q: Great, so tell me about your characters.
A: Dull and Dumb are not two of my characters, or characteristics.
Q: Do you ever write about animals, stuffed or not?
A: Rescued greyhounds in Heaven Again, tiny ponies in Only The Impassioned, mudfish in Resurrection Flowers, ghosts in An Atmosphere Of Angels.
Q: Ghosts aren’t animals, they’re unsettled spirits. If ghosts continue to read, what will they find in your novels?
A: They will find passion, idea, and spirited characters whose lives are a story. And puppies.

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