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Greetings all, if you hadn’t read on my main blog “Songs of the Universal Vagabond” which auto-feeds to a few locations like my author pages on Amazon.com and Goodreads.com, the region in which I currently live was devastated by severe weather 27 April. A number of tornadoes caused 250 deaths, left several hundred thousands of people without power and widespread shortages. We’re still under a state of emergency in some areas, though power is restored and the clean-up and rebuilding is well under way. Upcoming at “Songs”, I will post my written journal entries for those dark days if you’re interested.

Alabama tornado photo from the public domain

Alabama tornado photo from the public domain

In early June, I am returning to my Germany, so additionally at the moment, life is heavily busy with closing my book shop, liquidating all goods and finalizing our departure. The other points of note is that my son’s surgeries were delayed as only dire emergency cases were done in the week days past, so getting everything rescheduled soon enough that he has time to recover before we leave is key for me. Lastly, I was fortunate to be given an extension on my university courses, so I am catching up on missed assignments and exams I couldn’t take during the black-out.

For those who’ve submitted requests for their work or interviews, I place all items in queue according to the date I received them. Currently Faith Folau, McCarty Griffin and Anne de Gandt and a few others are upcoming. Nothing is forgotten (even though my computer died during the storms, my data was saved), but life does take affect with a vengeance at times, full of unforeseen circumstances.

I will still be reading and reviewing up to my departure in June, yet understandably, once I arrive back in Germany there will be a period of being offline as I get my computer and office set-up. Requests will still be accepted and acknowledged as soon as possible during  that time, and reading and writing of reviews will take place. I will post all when I am fully back online.

For those who’ve expressed interest, after I reenter the “waters” of my place there, I will be looking to expand my publishing brand to accept clients for publication and possible collaborators for writing projects. That information will be posted under “Our Publishing” here on Flying With Red Haircrow.

I am always available for feedback, comments or queries at my email address theredhairedcrow at gmail.com or you can post a message to the entry and I will receive notification.


Red Haircrow


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  1. I had not seen the other site update. Best of luck to you and your son in the months ahead. Take care!

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