Glowgems For Profit by Bruce C. Davis

Review: Book One of “The Profit Logbook” is a type of science fiction novel for lovers of hard or classic space sci-fi in the sense that it has a “hero” or central character, who is presented with difficulties he needs to overcome with plenty of complications in the process and a hint of romance all set against the background of space. Danger, double-crossing, shoot-outs, lots of action, tech, and in this case, tech of the kind that’s not overly complicated with extensive descriptions.

I had the strong feeling this was an author who absolutely loved the genre themself. They were not just writing for an audience. They were writing a story they had completely imagined then wished to share with others. It was curious, but I felt respect from the author for me as a reader, that I would know some things about space flight and space without him having to explain it to the most minute detail. That kept the story flowing, and the pace enjoyable.

Personally, Zack Mbele wouldn’t be listed as a favorite character type of mine, in his position I just felt he would have been somewhat tougher at times, but it’s the first in the series so there’s certainly room for character development and expansion so a reader like myself could more readily empathize.  Reading “Glowgems For Profit” was like watching a really good sci-fi movie that half way through, you already know you want to see it again. An excellent choice for lovers of the genre.

Description: “The first in the new science fiction series, The Profit Logbook, by award winning author, Bruce Davis.

Zack Mbele, captain of the independent freighter Profit, needs cash fast. There’s a loan payment due on the ship, not to mention a bogus Customs duty imposed by a crooked official. They’ll seize his ship if he doesn’t pay up and he has few prospects. So, when an old friend calls with a lead on a job, Zack isn’t too picky about obeying the letter of the law. All he has to do is smuggle someone out of Highpoint, a huge space station orbiting between the Earth and the Moon.

But it’s not all that easy, as a beautiful assassin and the Red Dragons gang complicate things. Suddenly Zack is involved in a maze of double-cross and murder as he races the Dragons and a shadowy paramilitary army for the greatest prize of all.”

  • Published: October 5, 2011
  • Publisher: AKW Books
  • Available at the AKW website and Amazon.
  • Source: Publisher

Author Bio:

Award-winning author, Bruce C. Davis, is a general and trauma surgeon in the Phoenix area. After fourteen years in the Navy, including duty on Guam and with the Marines, he settled in Mesa, Arizona. Writing has been a passion that he has pursued for many years. He has had short stories appear in several electronic and small press magazines.

That Which is Human is his first novel which won an award as the best new eBook of 2009. When not working or writing, he has been known to try his hand at woodworking, sailing, and computer gaming (World of Warcraft was once a serious addiction).

Bruce’s Website
Facebook: Bruce C Davis

My review of  That Which Is Human.

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