“What Makes You Happy?” by Faith Folau

The author of memoir “Stoned Honor”, let’s us know some of the things which make her happy at her blog “The Everyday Truth and Justice TS/TG/TV & Others”.  Her book is in my queue, and I very much look forward to reading it.

What makes me happy?

“So today, I was stuck and tried all day to find some kind of inspiring inspiration, to get me in the mood to write an article that everyone can read. I went on twitter to ask people and the first person that answered said, “I want to read what makes you happy.”

It makes me happy to be able to reach out to people all over the world, and to help share my inspirational thoughts and opinions on almost everything. I like to write and have conversations about life situations, and maybe discuss it with people from all over. I am somewhat spiritual because I still have to teach myself the true journey of my higher power. I also like to be engaged at my church to be able to get up and talk and spread my views of my under standings for the gospel.

The highest thing that will bring me full joy is to be able to take care of my whole family. I think that is every ones happiness now days. I do not mean taking care of them all financially, but also to help support some one in the need of support, whatever it is good or bad. I want to be able to have most of the answers to a family member who are young and other young kids. To be able to give love and good advice makes one happy at the end of the day.

Like I mentioned in one of my thank you videos, I stated that my books is about self help, It’s not just me talking about my past, family, drama, friends but it also gives you a better understanding from my point of view and also results to whom ever that might have went through my situations. I am a Libra so holding the scales to life should be balanced. There for I talk about many angles in life as I possibly can.”

Please visit Faith’s site to read her full post on self-healing, love and hope. To purchase your copy  “Stoned Honor” in ebook or print, please visit Lulu.com.


My response to Faith:

I particularly enjoyed the thought that when you write, you don’t think of just one, but for all. Also, it’s very good point that part of what we learn does not involve formal education, for some people it’s even less, yet it doesn’t mean they are unworthy. I would say, being Native American myself, and now working informally with other natives and their children within the school system, many also have low education levels but much to offer if people give them a chance.

You referenced your memoir Stoned Honor, and yes some stories are extremely difficult to tell and some may question why it’s written and what it has to offer. As you say, whatever happened in the past, however painful, that you have come out of it with a positive, strong spirit is the point of writing it. To let others know, trouble elements in the past do not have to equal a negative future. That is also my point in writing my memoir “The Boys Who Died”. The first chapters are here: http://bit.ly/gWc1dY



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