The Perfect Family by Luca Rossi

perfect familyReview: If you’ve ever read “The Silver Metal Lover” by Tanith Lee, the story’s premise could be compared with Rossi’s The Perfect Family, as a relationship between a human/humanoid and an android or artificial being is explored. The basic question seems to be: what is perfection? The difficulties arise when what we once felt to be perfection changes, but only because of humanity’s changeable nature. And daily observation of perfection can make one more critical to oneself, or conversely, oblivious to the fact you are being influenced.

The author is a native Italian speaker from Turin, and it wasn’t clear if this work was written in English or translated from Italian to English after being completed. There are some wording and grammatical issues, for either of those reasons. I liked the premise and how the story was presented, yet since it is a short story from a larger work supposedly a collection, it does seem to end abruptly and without any kind of resolution or satisfaction. For whatever reason, I liked it, and it might spur a reader to consider other works by the author, but it just  might have the opposite effect for some.

Description: “Aurelia’s relationships have always ended badly, so far. When a friend of hers gives her an unusual advice, she decides to follow it and finds the man of her dreams: a perfect husband and a wonderful father. But perfection does not belong to human males….”

  • Published: Feb. 06, 2013
  • Genre & Length: Sci-fi short story
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301549627
  • Source: Free on Smashwords

Author Profile:

Research, science, sci-fi and high technology are the world Luca Rossi lives in and the subject of his literary work. He believes in the Web as a way to approach the individuals and make the world a more rightful, open and democratic

In 2013 he publishes Energies of the galaxy, a collection of short stories set in a universe that for him is moved not only by the physic’s laws, but also by the equally true ones of Eros, passion, desire and spirit.

He was born in Turin the 15th of April, 1977. He likes to go biking, to go strolling in the nature and to spend the most of his free time with his family.
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