World Trade Center Writers by John Blandly

Review: This book is special and distinct, let me say that first, and I found it hard to determine exactly what genre it was although the main players were part of a writing group the likes of which I hope never to join. Unpredictable authors, slightly psychotic and in some cases, just plain weird, maybe they’re normal after all.

“World Trade Center Writers” has an unusual beginning where the presumable author is speaking directly to the reader. Mostly a mixture of dialogue with plenty of one-liners and comedy that, one supposed, was of the tongue-in-cheek variety, characters were whisked on and off the page presumably to move along the plot of the story, which is both abrupt and strangely compelling.

I didn’t rate this one because I didn’t know how to rate it. All I can say, if you’re interested in quirky, almost surreal reads, download a copy of the fast-moving “World Trade Center Writers.” Sure to provoke a strong reaction, whether one thinks it drivel or the most innovate piece of writing they’ve read in a while, WTC might leave you in a quandary, as it did me.

Description: A gorgeous literary agent, who has trouble keeping her clothes on, stalks a writers’ group. Charlotte, the leader of the writers’ group, asks Bernard, a group member, to dispose of a dead body in her hotel room. She says Felicity, the literary agent, shot the guy. Bernard doesn’t want to get involved. Then Charlotte says she can get his book published.

Published September 16th 2010 by John Blandly

Published/Available at Smashwords

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