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Red Haircrow

“When I think about America, I think of the multi-millions of Indigenous peoples who were killed, who were raped, who had their children ripped from their arms or who died from diseases deliberately introduced. I think of the African peoples torn from their lands, their cultures, their professions and histories, drowning in the ocean, suffocating in a press of bodies, beaten bloody beneath a burning sun, being sold and treated worse than animals. These are my ancestors.

When I think about America, I think of the incoming immigrants, the settlers, the European peoples who were abused, misused, demeaned and struggling in their own homelands, who heard the promise of land and a better life and came….”

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Screening on Oct. 14th at the 16th Annual #Indigenous Film & Art in #Denver

Red Haircrow

We’re pleased to finally make it public, we’ll be screening in Denver, Colorado on October 14th at the Indigenous Film & Art Festival! It’s organized by the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management, and the host organization is History Colorado Center. I very much appreciate having our documentary screened by a Native group in the USA, who recognizes that stories and situations like these for Native North Americans are important, too, even when they are happening abroad. The event itself takes place over several days, with many great films and discussions planned, which are largely open to the public and free of charge.  Please do visit their websites, and try to help support them in the important work.

Please check out their event pages at their site and on FACEBOOK to see the full line up of great films, speakers and presentations.

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2 #Documentary Screening Events Upcoming in Athens, Greece and Lisbon, Portugal

Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way

Pleased to announce our film has been officially selected to screen at the Balkan Can Kino & Film Festival in Athens, Greece. The event takes place between 4-12 October, 2019. More details about the event and group from their website:

“Balkan Can Kino is a collectively run cinema, lab & film festival, founded by film professionals in 2017 in Athens and hosted on the ground floor of Communitism. Film programming focuses on alternative approaches to cinema and audiovisual art in order to showcase diversity. At the same time, it offers film education with the organization of workshops, discussions and lectures, at low cost or completely free of charge.

Our dream is to create a solidarity network among filmmakers, organizations and institutions, active at local and international level. The project is open to those who are interested in getting to know us and/or participate.”

Also in October, for an event on…

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2.6. 1924: Indian Citizenship Act

While I 100% support Native peoples telling their own history, instead of yet another non-Native giving their European perspective on Indigenous people, here’s an interview featuring myself and others on topics of racism, stereotyping and the Eurocentricism behind the Indian Citizenship Act. What are the lessons applicable right now, as the genocide and erasure of Native peoples is on-going, to the detriment of all.

claudia friedrich blog

Assimilation versus Autonomie

Illustration: Angel de Cora © Palisander Verlag

WDR 5 ZeitZeichen

2. Juni 2019

WDR 5: 9.45 UhrWDR 3: 17.45 Uhr

Link zum ZeitZeichen über die Einbürgerung der Native Americans

Illustration zu Die Kröte und der Junge © Palisander Verlag/ Illustration: Angel de Cora

This nation was founded on a genocid, before genocide was invented.Lawrence O’Donnell (Journalist MSNBC) 2016

2700 Kilometer lang. Durchmesser: Ein Meter. Kosten: Acht Milliarden Dollar. Volumen: 800 000 Barrel Rohöl täglich. DieKeystone XL Pipelineist im Bau, finanziert von internationalen Banken wie derBayern LB. Ihre Strecke führt von Kanada bis zum Golf von Texas, durch Trinkwassergebiete und Reservationen derNative Americans, der Indianischen Urbevölkerung der USA.

Und die Mädchen begannen um die Hütte zu tanzen © Palisander Verlag/ Illustration: Angel de Cora

November 2015. Barack Obama prüft das Projekt. Die Pipeline sei nicht im nationalen Interesse, sagt der 44. Präsident…

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Tune in June 2nd to Our Interview on #WDR #Zeitzeichen’s Broadcast: “The Indian Citizenship Act”

Flying With Red Haircrow Productions

Tune in June 2nd, for Red Haircrow’s interview by Claudia Friedrich, part of the WDR Zeitzeichen broadcast on “The Indian Citizenship Act”. Make a note to listen in on topics of racism, white supremacist ideology and tokenism, all of which involves Germany’s problematic treatment of Native peoples and cultures today. All intersecting with and part of the rise of normalization of racism and nationalism BIPOC, German and foreign alike, are faced with daily…and which harms everyone. It continues systems of inequality, injustice and oppression.

Photo from the WDR webpage.

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