In The House of Bacchus by Rodd Reduxxx

People looking for niché genre writing: horror eroticism and extreme sexually graphic detail would be enthralled by this story I believe. Reading the author’s word that this was a political parody and I am well aware of, from earlier professional reasons, of what can go on in the world of some of the leaders and powerful men and women who present a wholesome face and voice to the world yet secretly have the darkest of evil habits, I would advise reading this story at your own risk, both of morality and fortitude. It is brutal, extremely graphic and sexual yet the author’s writing skills are well above average. Rod Reduxxx presents a twisted tale many authors only hope of creating yet it was quite similar to some of the classic terrifying masterpieces of Italian film with near exact correlations.

I appreciated the racy cleverness of this story but I would have to debate with myself whether I would read more of Rod Reduxxx’s subsequent works unless I was provided with a story description exactly in a genre I enjoyed. Looking into other people’s choices of sexual and power gratification holds no interest for me. The way I think of it is this, when so many people were both horrified and attracted to the serial killer cannibal in “Silence of the Lambs” it was because despite his obvious lack of remorse and morality, he was classical. He was seducing. You hated him but you couldn’t look away or turn away from his voice. Despite being ably penned with sexual play, I was not seduced by the main character in any way nor moved by his aims, so I would have appreciated more characterization and plot than graphic detail.

A number of touches of brilliance within “The House of Bacchus” but merely disgorging “whatever lies beneath” is not enough for me to be entranced and fascinated. The story is entirely in my opinion: “Read at your own risk”, including the author’s end note.

Reviewed by Red Haircrow

Book Description: No pleasure is denied the rich and powerful in the House of Bacchus. Rodd Reduxxx pushes the boundaries of erotica as he examines the price of hedonism and domination in this stunning novella. Part sociopolitical parody, part fantasy story, thought-provoking and seriously explicit, you will not leave the House of Bacchus unmoved.

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–Reviewed by Red Haircrow

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