KGB In High Heels by Yousef Shagal

Review: “I’ve read a lot of books I liked, but it’s been a long time since I’ve read a new author I’d not heard of before, that totally captivated me from the very first paragraph. The writing is smooth and flowing; the descriptions just right, never too much or unable to be visualized. Just the right touches of flair and panache to impress an image on your mind before the dialogue and actions swiftly continue onward as the plot progresses.

The character, Valentina Maltseva? I fell in love with her intelligence, ingenuity and strength. She was very feminine and soft yet tough in that way Russian women can have, which drives a man wild with desire.  I thoroughly enjoyed every page.

I can certainly see why “KGB in High Heels” was a best seller with over 600,000 sales in Russia and Israel, as well as made into a popular mini-series. This an excellently translated English version should gain her a strong following with a new set of readers who love spy dramas told in a clever, knowledgeable voice. Fast-paced and thrilling, I had no hesitancy whatsoever rating this 5 Stars. I would have applauded and given it more if I coul. Valentina Maltseva is my hero.”

Description: Valentina Maltseva is the head of the Arts and Literature Section of a Communist Youth Newspaper in the old Soviet Union. When her boss and lover showed her a KGB directory of agents she had no idea her view of it would cause her to be blackmailed into a KGB project in Argentina by none other than Yuri Andropov himself.

Nothing seems to go right and Valentina’s curiosity plunges her deeper into the sordid and dangerous world of espionage and murder.  As the body count mounts and spies from 3 agencies chase her, Valentina wonders if she will survive.  A best seller (600,000 copies) in Russia and Israel! Made into a popular mini series (KGB smokinge)!

Translated into colloquial English from the original Russian.”

Published August 2009 by AKW Books.
Source: Publisher

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