Star of Savoka by Richard S. Tuttle

Review: Book 2 in the Forgotten Legacies series. It  took me a few tries to get into it, and I found the “Star of Sakova” to be a rather slow paced, methodical fantasy novel. I couldn’t help but feel a great deal of streamlining could have helped immeasurably as there was an abundance of background information, description, and histories. Although this was the second book in the Forgotten Legacy series, because of all the extra pages of past information, it is not difficult to ascertain the direction of this story or understand the world as a whole.

I liked the main character, Lyra, and was interested in her view of the world, and events happening around or to her. Her quest for greater knowledge of magic was a special highlight I enjoyed, but overall, it was a difficult read for me. If one likes a lengthy novel written in extreme pedantic detail, they might enjoy “Star of Sakova” for it’s an ambitious story. It’s an interesting in it’s way especially if you’re a fan of swords and sorcery, but I found it very laborious.

Description: Star of Sakova, the second volume of the Forgotten Legacy, features Lyra, the only daughter of Master Malafar, owner and master of the Omunga Academy of Magic.

A devastating and seemingly senseless attack on the Omunga Academy of Magic leaves Lyra running for her life. Her father, Master Malafar, was kidnapped and her mother was killed during the attack. Her mother’s cryptic dieing words propel Lyra on a journey across the breadth of the country in search of her Uncle Temiker. The raiders of the Academy however have other plans for Lyra as they doggedly pursue her. Trying to stay one step ahead of the raiders, Lyra finds out that the Imperial government wants her head for the very slaughter she narrowly escaped.

With the raiders in pursuit and Imperial troops blocking the roads ahead, Lyra has no chance of survival unless she enters the dreaded Sakova, a land of nightmares. The Sakova, long known as a place of no return, is home to cannibals, ferocious beasts, and strange magic.

The fast pace of her flight leaves Lyra little time to solve the mysteries of the attack, but the questions of why anyone would kidnap her father, or slaughter dozens of innocents to accomplish it, linger as a gnawing distraction.

Discover a world of swords and magic, political intrigue and deceit, and cunning, ruthless people who seek to finish the annihilation of a society that began ages ago.

In Paperback, 336 pages, and Kindle editions
Published August 2002 by kbs publishing(first published February 1st 2000)
ISBN : 097108971X
(ISBN13: 9780971089716)

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