Lakebridge: Summer by Natasha Troop

Review: “Though continuing in the theme, the setting and reintroduction of some of the same characters in the previous book, “Lakebridge: Summer” took me a couple of attempts to get into, but once it hooked me it didn’t let go. The observations within the narrative given from different character perspectives were a key component of the story’s build of tension and direction, and increased both the subtlety and complexity of this new entry in the Lakebridge cycle.

Dark and filled with supernatural entities with conflicting agendas as they prey upon mankind and those who’ve passed beyond the living, other creatures who can speak with special humans, and those mortals whose goodness and honesty threaten even the most nefarious plans, this is a sequel that could please readers who enjoy the speculative and fantastic told in a tongue-in-cheek, intelligent style.

We return to a town that could still be seen as perfectly ordinary on the surface yet harbors a deep evil that is willing to bide its time to have all things…and souls it desires. And there is an observer, someone who can scent death, who follows it as a curiosity who is attracted to a man who inadvertently and repeatedly causes death to those around him.

Intriguing, well-written and moderately paced leading to a climax and resolution that satisfies yet leaves you wanting more, I found “Lakebridge: Summer” to be filled with intriguing thoughts that flow from person to person, being to being, from sinister intentions to innocent with imagery that was surprising and suggestive of a special kind of greatness. Reading the book was like watching a brilliantly directed film where the horror slowly unfolds. I was again pleased to be entertained from beginning to end.”

Description: “In the aftermath of a tragic spring day, the people of Stansbury, Vermont, are unable to forget what happened, as they have all the tragedies of their past. After the media exploited their pain, they have become uneasy with the world beyond their town and with any outsiders. In the aftermath of the media deluge, latecomers straggle into Stansbury looking to pick up the scraps of stories left behind. What they find, however, is that the powerful forces that have guided the destinies of the people of the town for hundreds of years are now at war with one another and in need of pawns. In the aftermath of Spring, there is Summer. Lakebridge: Summer is the second of a four book cycle revolving around Stansbury and the Lakebridge.”

  • Published: April 2, 2012
  • Publisher: Natasha Troop
  • Available at Amazon and other online distributors
  • Source: Author

My review of Natasha Troop first book in the series The Lakebridge Cycle, Lakebridge: Spring and my interview with the author.

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