Protector of the Realm by Gun Brooke

Review: Book 1 in the Supreme Constellations series, “Protector of the Realm” is solid science fiction, and by that I mean there are times when I’ve read “sci-fi” where the storyline and plot feel like contemporary fiction except for a few advanced gadgets or someone is flying a space ship instead of an airplane. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but when I read (and perhaps that’s why my favorite genre is science fiction) I wish it to be an immersive experience.

Society and cultural needs are different. If there are young people, schooling and what subjects are offered are different, attitudes and behaviors are also changed even if subtly, even if it involves what we think of as those from our own society now in space or on some distant world. All societies evolve over time, other ideas are incorporated or former ideas put aside, yet usually it is not very extreme.

These are the intangibles some writers neglect including in their work. Gun Brooke did not. Some writers aim for the extreme, which can be interesting in and of itself, yet Gun had the right balance to keep her characters and the universe they live in believable within the type of story she created. There were times I found some descriptions regarding emotion repetitive and a character’s choices perplexing, but if they were of an alien race, I suppose that was to be expected.

The plot is complex with a number of details and players, but not so much so that I grew frustrated. Progression is natural, with no serious lags in action although it is a longer novel. I understand a little more than average about theories of how space-going vessels might travel and appreciate when a writer presents them in an understandable way, but not overly detailed so as to be distracting. When it is too complex and extended, for many it causes attention to wander or one questions the necessity of that much information, similarly thus with the sex scenes in this novel. I felt the relationship was reasonable and engaging, yet the extended scenes not integral to the whole.

“Protector of the Realm” is a sweeping space adventure, a romance and a drama. The writing style is distinct, and might take a little while to get into, but once you’re in it, is compelling to the very last page.

Description: Book One: Supreme Constellations. “With the fate of entire civilizations at risk, the galactic battleground makes for unusual alliances and unexpected passions as two women from very different worlds join forces. When Commodore Rae Jacelon of the Gamma VI space station apprehends the alluring but decidedly dangerous Kellen O’Dal, it is the start of a breathtaking love story, as well as a dangerous rescue mission. A space adventure filled with suspense and a daring intergalactic romance.”

Author: Gun Brooke
Series: Supreme Constellations Book 1
Pages: 360
ISBN-13: 978-1-933110-26-4
Genre: Science fiction, Lesbian Fiction

Publisher/Buy Link: Bold Strokes Books

Source: Publisher


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