Glimpses: A Collection of Night Runner Stories by Lynn Flewelling

Review: I loved the first 3 books in the Nightrunner series. Seregil, Alec and the rest of the crew, the swift pace and vividness of the story was as manna to me. I love fantasy novels! The last two revisited the setting for me but I found them somewhat rushed and confusing although of course as a fan, I still believe and look forward to the next installments.

So I was looking forward to the world of Seregil and Alec to be expanded in “Glimpses”, which is what I’m sure the author wished for her readers. I found the volume of short stories disappointing however.

I loved the Night Runner series not just because it was fantasy, but also for containing a positive same-sex love story throughout. I loved them for their classical and affectionate renditions of Seregil and Alec’s times of intimacy but this book went into the graphic m/m type language and descriptions which I felt detracted from the stories and turned the characters, for me, into average run of the mill ones like the stuff so many authors churn out today.

I am absolutely certain because of the level of female readers clamoring for m/m fiction today this volume will be praised and very well received by them but for me, I won’t be keeping it or rereading it. It rather spoiled the beauty of Seregil and Alec’s relationship for me especially in including the affair with Korathan in modern terms and slang.

My favorite was an expanded background of Alec’s relatively short time with his father and why he loved him so much. I greatly appreciated the many illustrations from fans who presented their vision of what Alec, Seregil and others looked like although I didn’t much care for the cover. Seregil looked all too human for me.

Side note: The film version is supposedly in production, though I’ve not checked up updates for at least six months. That’s a bit of ambivalence for me, not solely related to this film project. As with the “Prince of Persia” and “The Last Air Bender” film, as well as others, American film makers these days gear their productions towards a certain market, a certain client and somewhat a certain nationality instead of remaining true to the original work itself.

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