My Novel Affair by Sinara Ellis

Review: This is one of those cases that considering the reviewer’s reading preferences and profile can be really important in submitting a work for their view. I thought the story sounded like a really good premise but it is a genre I very rarely read because my preferences are strongly elsewhere. Also humor can be really individual, and reading about the idiosyncrasies inside an American woman’s head and her search for a perfect orgasm, among other things, have little interest for me.

My Novel Affair is well-written, fast-paced with tons of energy and a palpable likeability factor, and believe it or not, formatting and font choices are important for me visually, and I must say the book looked terrific, flat out. People who like the genre or similar would no doubt find it entertaining, but 9/10ths of it was TMI of a certain kind for me.


To-Do List

Kill Casey Lattimer.

Let Larry destroy Gary, once and for all.

Feed my great white shark and sand-trap serpent.

Fall in love with someone who isn’t insensitive and self-absorbed.

Find the Holy Grail of orgasms.

Fine, I’ll be serious.

My Actual To-Do list.

Buy ice cream, and find a real happy ending, outside of my own imagination…

Author Bio

Pseudonym of Autumn Rosen: I am an author of novels and screenplays, a poet (but I didn’t know it), friend, consummate smart ass, mother, comic/gamer geek, gum chewing, spouse, U.S. military veteran and trouble maker.

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