Passion of the Different by Daniel A. Roberts

Review: “Passion of the Different” was very descriptive fantasy. I enjoy and appreciate writing where you can feel the author’s belief in their world, and how they desire their readers to also immerse themselves in the tale. I truly sensed that in Daniel Roberts story, yet limiting the number of descriptive phrases in each sentence would have increased the flow, balancing out other aspects of the actual scenes or action taking place.

The pace of the story is leisurely, as a man without memory awakens in a world completely unfamiliar, finding a person very unlike himself nearby. The story begins in what I felt was a very classic fantasy style. I had expected the dialogue to also reflect that tone, but it varied, mixing what I would consider modern slang with a kind of medieval English which some might find amusing. It’s just my preference, but I prefer one or the other. About half way through the story picked up stronger tempo and direction as the plot proverbially “thickened” into a heroic climax, and after a number twists and turn, ended with an enticing shock which might prompt a reader to immediately search for Book 2: “The Passion of the Same.”

I found “Passion of the Different” to be rather light fantasy with touches of romance and intrigue, yet also enough dark components one could never mistake it for a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending. It’s appealing in a certain way, and the cover art was just the right touch.

Description: Amnesia robbing him of all identity and found by Myra, it’s clearly evident he isn’t of her people. As exotic to her as she is to him, will culture differences be too much for their growing passion? Or will Queen Darya successfully steal what no peasant should have? Torn by subterfuge and conflict, his choices may have little bearing as the forgotten past catches up.

Publisher: Daniel A. Roberts

Publication Date: November 19, 2011

Genre: Fantasy, Romance with some sexually explicit scenes

Buy Link: Smashwords

Source: Author

Author Bio:

I live in Oklahoma with my Wife, Krista and our two wonderful daughters.

Originally born in Erie, PA and moving to Florida with my parents when I was 7, I grew up and finished my education in that state. We moved to Oklahoma in 2008 because of the lower crime, better jobs and the air of freedom is sweeter here than most anywhere else.

I have written both Non-Fiction and Fiction based Ebooks. Website:

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  1. allen1968

    Thank you for the excellent review, Red Haircrow. Between house hunting, closing and moving, the timing may seem late in my response, but believe me, I recently just unpacked and have been able to settle down and get back to the Internet. I’m going to proudly share this review post with all of my family and friends. ^_^

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