Friends, enemies and everyone in between by Irina Avtsin

Review: Another of Irina Avtsin’s books in a series dealing with self-realization and improvement, it’s again a basic workbook written in straightforward terms anyone can understand. Some of it is common sense, like realizing a relationship of any kind that brings negative consequences and results may be one a person needs to get away from, but the main point is having you look at yourself and your contacts from a different perspective.

How to determine which relationships, whether they are simply strangers or superficial contacts through the acquaintance stage and/or friends or enemies stage might seem easy enough for some people to do, but for others, it is more complicated. Having little books with reminders and tips that can improve our lives is nothing to dismiss, or for that matter, scoff. Certainly, there are more comprehensive manuals out there. There are longer, more complex self-help series, but I find Irina Avtsin’s books to be particularly sincere and knowledgeable on a “real” and believable level. No exercise in itself is too hard to complete or understand, even if it uses mathematics.

What I really like about Avtsin’s writing is that it is accessible. In this digital age where more and more people are relying on digital means to learn life skills, it’s just a fact. A series like this gives helpful knowledge you don’t have to hear in repetition from someone you’d prefer not to listen to. Except for a few persistent punctuation problems, The Personal Confidancy Series is one to follow if you’re looking for good advice on a variety of subjects.

Description: This workbook will help you to take a closer look at your relationships in a structured, yet very compassionate way. It will empower you to take the first step towards keeping and appreciating the nurturing relationships you have and terminating the stale or harmful ones.

Published: February 24, 2011

Published by: Irina Avtsin

Available for Kindle and on Smashwords.

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Author Bio:

Irina Avtsin was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and, being an admittedly brave teenager (or just a teenager ☺ ) immigrated to Israel on her own, arriving there on the second day of the first Gulf War. She got her gas mask and an Israeli passport at the airport – and that was her welcome to the country. Irina worked her way through college, getting BSc in Computer Science from Technion (Israeli equivalent of MIT). She came to the US in 1999 and soon started on Wall Street – first at Merrill Lynch and then at Citigroup. Irina got her MBA from Columbia Business School in 2007. She worked at Credit Suisse Private banking, before starting Personal Confidantency, which she then expanded into “Let’s do a reality check!” and “MBA Confidante”. Irina likes Yoga, Pilates and hopes to learn to play golf some day. She appreciates good food, nice wine and well written books. Irina is fluent in Russian, Hebrew, and English and speaks some French.

You can learn more about Irina and her practice at

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