DBoyz of Dogwood by C.B. Smith

Review: This is the second book I’ve read by author C.B. Smith who seems to focus on young adult novels.

It’s a fast-paced story centered around Kyrie, a skater girl wanting to get in with one of the best teams around, the DBoyz of Dogwood. From mental conversations ranging from sexploration with her skater boyfriend, to whether its possible to “hook up” with an older pro, or finding her “bio-dad”, we are inside Kyrie’s head, with her likes and dislikes, things that gross her out and others she doesn’t understand like her mom Monique’s unique personality and way of being. The whole tale moves up to a climax that touches your heart, as it’s a situation almost anyone can empathize with.

The story has all the skate terms, slangs, euphemisms and references to ring true with those who are “in the know” about such stuff, but there is so much of it seemed like overkill to me. It took attention away from the central plot and character development for me, but it depends on what you looking for out of a book.

Overall, I really liked this book. It’s got great messages for young people, some serious things to think about, and certainly events that would try even an adult’s emotional maturity, plus it’s fun. I’d definitely recommend this book to both teens and adults.

Description: The only thing standing between Kyrie Elias and her skateboarding dreams is one hard-headed skater who seems to take great joy in breaking her stride. But when you go up against a girl who has the desire, the will, and mad skater skills to boot, you ve got a whole world of hurt on urethane wheels ripping for you at full throttle!

Published: August 17th 2010
Publisher: M.H. Dartos
ISBN: 0011071699
ISBN13: 2940011071690
Available at Smashwords
Source: Author

Author Bio:

C.B. Smith is a full time writer. He spends his days chasing words around the page to capture just the right ones for his latest work. Website: http://www.freewebs.com/authorcbsmith/
Per the author, 13 July 2011, regarding this title:

D-Boyz of Dogwood has morphed to Krazy Dreamz and was rereleased on 30 June 2011. This title can be found at Smashwords and http://www.freewebs.com/authorcbsmith/    Readers wishing to contact me can do so by emailing: cbsmith3000@yahoo.com

The new cover image…


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7 responses to “DBoyz of Dogwood by C.B. Smith

  1. Red, is there meaning behind the cover photo that you can explain without giving anything away? It looks like a frightening place to go skateboarding, so I assume that it is tied to something else in the book?

    Also, it seems this book is no longer available at Smashwords (if you search and click on it, it says “no longer published”) but may now instead be under the title of “Krazy Dreamz” released just recently.

    Perhaps the author can comment on this?

  2. C.B. Smith

    Readers wishing to contact me can do so by emailing: cbsmith3000@yahoo.com

    C.B. Smith

  3. Thank you for swiftly updating this page as per the posting of the new Krazy Dreamz book cover. Seems in one fell swoop C.B. Smith has become the proverbial “problem child.” My apologies.

    C.B. Smith

  4. New ISBN for Krazy Dreamz: 978-1-4658-8229-5.

    C.B. Smith

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