Dragonverse by Doug Farren

Review: Dragonverse was a good story and a good idea with concepts I found a little reminiscent of Gordon Dickson’s many dragon tales. At times I felt there were areas of description which were unnecessary and slowed the story down. Certainly a writer does wish to create a believable backdrop and setting for the reader to imagine, but unless it has relevancy to the story or is telling me more about the character, I like a more swiftly moving pace.  Some of the details were establishing the protagonist’s personality, but I just would have preferred it to have been more balanced with action and less daily routine. Transitioning also could have improved the pacing and flow greatly as well as removing some of the repetitive phrasing where the narrative would tell what the person was thinking, and then the character would state the same. Such revisions and edits might have taken off at least twenty-five pages, as it is fairly long as an ebook. The edition I was provided with was around 314 pages.

Dragonverse is a fantasy showing clear, methodical planning built upon a solid foundation of thought. I found the dragon, Glahmelia, especially appealing though her mind-linked human, Terry, was rather too average for me to become attached in any meaningful way. I prefer my protagonist with some kind of special spark or quirk but I can understand where many might enjoy the “average Joe” who finds himself in an alternative world peopled with Elves, ogres and dragons quite fascinating. I would certainly rate “Dragonverse” under the enjoyable category, as it is a book with which a lover of fantasy could be satisfied.

Description: Dragons and wizards walked the Earth in the distant past. The memories of their short time here reverberate today in the form of myth and legend. The truth, as some are aware, is that dragons still exist. Terry Cashington’s life is forever changed when he learns this truth and makes contact with a dragon. This is the story of how his journey began.
Published: Aug. 24, 2010
Category: Fiction » Literature » Fantasy

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Author Bio:

I can be reached at farrendoug@ hotmail.com.

Born in Franklin, PA but raised in Minnesota. I like to call Forest Lake my home town even though I haven’t lived there since I was 17. I joined the Navy in 1976 and spent 11 fun years as a nuclear operator in the surface fleet. I am now employed at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio where I work as an instrumentation and controls technician.

I’ve always enjoyed reading science fiction (I can thank my dad for that) and I’ve always had an avid interest in high technology and computers. I have done computer programming as a consultant specializing in complex database conversion.

I try to write stories that can actually happen some day with science based mostly in fact. Lasers can’t be seen in space, explosions can’t be heard, and ships can’t do the seemingly impossible without at least some type of explaination.

I am married to a wonderful wife and I have 2 daughters from a previous marriage. I now have two granddaughters as well but that does not mean I’m old!

Website: http://dougfarren.blogspot.com


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2 responses to “Dragonverse by Doug Farren

  1. Cheryl Farren

    hi! good review…reflects alot i’ve told doug myself…lol…but now that he hears it from you, it will sink it better…

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