De Mortuis Viventibus by Chad P. Brown

Review: “De Mortuis Viventibus” had a very authentic voice and cadence, which drew me into the theme and mood of this historical horror tale yet there were questions I would have liked answered that I didn’t find in the narrative. I wanted to know why the calvary suddenly abandoned the legion when it was attacked, and why Marcus also did so although he had been awarded the honor of carrying and defending its standard based on numerous acts of bravery. Yes, it was new terrain, but I just felt trained, seasoned warriors would have responded differently.

However, overall the story was quite believable even though mixing what is commonly known about Roman soldiers and events of those times with imagery of the supernatural and fantastic that were very well described. The author knowledgably blended history and fantasy together yet never lost an intruiging flair, and you truly were made to believe you were there in that world, that old forest in Germania.

For me, “De Mortuis Viventibus” was a true pleasure to read as it was set in one of the periods of European history I’ve found interesting and studied since I was young. That the author added a new twist to Roman history but he kept the protagonist Marcus completely in “character” for the time period was greatly appreciated. The author also definitely left me wondering what would happen next to the unfortunate soldier. Whether the author plans to make another installment or not, he created a vivid basis that made my imagination run wild with undead possibilities.

Description:”In 9 C.E., three Roman legions were destroyed in the Teutoburg Forest at the hands of the Germanic tribes, and the eagle standards of those three legions were captured, never to be recovered.

Marcus, the standard bearer of the 19th Legion, escapes the slaughter only to be threatened with the horrors hidden deep inside the Teutoburg Forest, the horrors born from the witchery which haunts the cursed land.”

  • Published: May 18, 2012
  • ISBN: 9781476447247
  • Availability: Smashwords
  • Genre: Horror, Historical Fiction
  • Source: Author

Author Profile:

Chad P. Brown was born in Huntington, West Virginia. He attended Marshall University, where he has earned a Master’s in Latin. His first horror novel, The Jack-in-the-box, was released in October 2011 and is available in paperback as well as various e-book formats. He is currently working on a horror novella, The Pumpkin House, as well as various short stories.


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