Clearwater Dawn by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

Review: “For lovers of fantasy, there is a lot to like about Clearwater Dawn, especially if you like a firmly “front and center” main character whose perspective the story is solely written from. It is a complex tale of both intrigue and “coming of age” for a hero with a past that heavily influences, often frustratingly so, his choices in the present. It took me a couple of tries to pick up and finish this work, however, for the style of telling rather than showing through actions or behaviors, made for a lot of background information to read through. For me, it also inhibited flow and pacing.

Though it was understandable in the case of Chriani, the main character, considering his age and that background, some of the choices he made left me rather exasperated so I was unable to feel much empathy or connection to him. That being said, there is lots of action and scenes that are quite descriptive, and I found myself liking some of the secondary/supporting characters better than him, perhaps because I was presented less about them, which is unusual for me. Although, I couldn’t classify “Clearwater Dawn” as a favorite of mine, I thought it had great potential, an intriguing description, and several good points those who enjoy fantasy might appreciate.”

Description: An apprentice guard in the royal household of Brandishear, Chriani is a capable young warrior held back from attaining his full potential by a lifetime of dark anger. Lauresa is a princess about to be set aside as heir and married off for the sake of treaty — and the only woman Chriani has ever loved. When his mentor is murdered preventing an assassination attempt within the palace, Chriani is forced to become Lauresa’s protector — the two reconciling a forbidden passion even as they find themselves caught up in a maelstrom of political intrigue, ancient racial hatred, a society living in mortal fear of sorcery, and a decades-old plot to plunge five nations into genocidal war.

  • ebook, 332 pages
  • Published May 9th 2011
  • Publisher: Insane Angel Studios
  • ISBN13: 9780986828805
  • Source: Author

Author Bio

Scott Fitzgerald Gray is a specially constructed biogenetic simulacrum built around an array of experimental consciousness-sharing techniques — a product of the finest minds of Canadian science until the grant money ran out. Accidentally set loose during an unauthorized midnight rave at the lab, the S.F. Gray entity is currently at large amongst an unsuspecting populace, where his work as an author, screenwriter, editor, RPG designer, and story editor for feature film keeps him off the streets.

More info on Scott and his work (some of it even occasionally truthful) can be found by reading between the lines at

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