Terminal Departure: A Cleo Matts Novel by Joe Crubaugh

Review: The majority of the time, I do not read other reviews about a book I am in the processing of reviewing, but in this case, I wanted to gain as much objectivity as possible.  I personally found many of the descriptions odd for the character or situation being described, and this distracted me often throughout the book. I would have preferred more of a streamlined version especially during crucial scenes or when action was taking place. The author does have a distinctive, dialogue-heavy style that might certainly appeal to some readers, and while others have described “Terminal Departure” as witty in the turns of phrasing, that aspect didn’t work for me. Sense of humor can and often does vary from culture to culture, as well as personal tastes.

Very pro-American, with a great deal of action and explanations on topics of everything from redheadedness to possible species and their populations throughout the universe or mattresses, the reader is taken on a wide-ranging “trip” including aliens, undercover operatives, deadly plots and all with a dash of romance. I particularly liked the part with the aliens and wish there had been more, yet it’s a fast moving story overall, which compelled me to continue reading. I would recommend “Terminal Departure” to those looking for an off-beat, quirky thriller, and I believe there is second Cleo Matts book in the works.
Description: In the first of an exciting new series, hotshot covert agent Cleo Matts goes to war against an international cabal of the influential elite.

While working desperately to thwart the assassination of a highbrowed microbiologist, Matts runs into scorned Hollywood actress Julia McMichaels. Romantic sparks fly, but there’s a bomb on the plane, aliens outside their window, and a CIA hitman in seat 13-C.

Though they manage to survive the doomed flight, little does Matts know he’s at ground zero of a germ-warfare conspiracy approved by the President of the US.

From the back streets of New Orleans and the corridors of NASA to the super yacht of a gigolo Saudi prince and a showdown in a raging ice storm, the laughs, chases, and shoot-outs come fast and furious in this balls-to-the-wall espionage action thriller.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Published: July 4th 2011
  • ASIN: B005AJBC9O
  • Source: Author

Author Bio:


Joe Crubaugh is the author of thriller Terminal Departure: A Cleo Matts Novel, and many intriguing articles posted on his blog, Hard-boiled Dreams of the World.

When he’s not writing about himself in the third person, Joe spends weekdays masquerading as a software consultant in the ship, plant, and offshore industry.

Joe was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife, three children, and a couple of dogs. At this very instant, he’s working on the next Cleo Matts novel and sliding around the kitchen floor in his socks.

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