The Shadow of the Phoenix by Dolores McCabe

Review: A carefully planned and penned novel, shifting between stark declaration and descriptive narratives, this is the story of the final days of Rome as seen through the eyes of Eudoxia and Eudocia, mother and daughter.

From personal or academic studies, many people know certain details regarding the fall of the Roman Empire and its sacking by the Vandals, but Dolores McCabe puts a more personal face on this event through the use of sympathetic characters. There were times when certain descriptions seemed a bit repetitive, and I felt the use of more transitions could have smoothed the flow, but for lovers of historical fantasy this is a worthy read. Ambitious, detailed and without a doubt, well researched, the author’s passion for her subject shines through.

Description: Take a trip back into History and witness the final days of the Roman Empire as experienced by Rome’s Empress and her daughter. Taken captive by the Vandals, they must carve a new life for themselves in this hostile and anarchic society. One chooses to remain Roman; the other chooses to become Vandal.

Hardcover, 420 pages
Published November 17th 2005 by AuthorHouse
ISBN 1420888358 (ISBN13: 9781420888355)
Also available as an ebook at Smashwords, published August 2010.

Author Bio:

Dolores A. McCabe holds a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and Philosophy from Chestnut Hill College.  She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Music, Piano from SUNY The College at New Paltz. She is the mother of six highly successful children and an independent businesswoman and owner of Eine Kleine Kennel. Ms. McCabe lives in the beautiful Catskills of New York State.

I recently did an interview with Dolores McCabe, please visit this link for the full transcript:  Historical Fiction Author.

“History is one of my favorite subjects, is it also one of yours? What made you choose the time period of the fall of the Roman Empire to write about?

Hello, Red, thank you for this interview. I absolutely love History. I hold a BA in English Literature and Philosophy, and I am also a musician. There is something magnetic about the Arts and how they reflect the interests and preoccupations in Humanity’s journey through time.  History is especially fascinating because it is created by living people. We are all part of History.

I am drawn to moments in History when something new appears: something unexpected, something that quietly slips into human events and changes the course forever. These moments can occur in times of peace, such as the appearance of Christianity, or they can blow in on the winds of war, such as the rise of the first Germanic Kingdom. Consider the state of the world in which THE SHADOW OF THE PHOENIX is set. The Roman Empire had ruled the known world for nearly a thousand years (if we count the 500 years of the Republic and the 500 years to the accession of Odoacer).  It had become a way of life for the human race. And yet, in a brief hundred years, it collapsed into anarchy. However, something new had been introduced as the Empire crumbled, and that was the rise of Feudalism: the Germanic Kingdoms. They set the course for human history for the next thousand years.

Who remembers that the Vandals under Gizeric were the first to tear themselves free of Rome’s domination and establish the first independent kingdom? Until Gizeric, the Goths and other invaders had been awed by Rome and content to “govern” her lands as “foederati.” Gizeric severed all ties with Rome and tore the Province of Africa from the Empire, declaring it the Vandal Kingdom. He then engaged in warfare with Rome on all levels, including military, religious, and diplomatic.

Is this your first book? If not, what other books have you written?

THE SHADOW OF THE PHOENIX is my second book in a series of four romance novels…..”

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