The Shake by Mel Nicolai

Review: “The Shake” reminded me of some of Anne Rice’s vampire series in that the author chose to include long passages describing the intimate details of becoming and learning to “live” as a vampire, their individual tastes, etc. but considering this has been done so many times before, this wasn’t very compelling for me and I was hoping for someone out of the ordinary. For lovers of any and all things vampire, that may be a plus, but in the case of historical events or facts, sometimes they seemed like events the author simply wished to include, but I didn’t really see exactly how they added to the whole of the story. Overall, I found “The Shake” to be another author’s take on the explanation of vampires, how they came to be, and how they can overcome their inherent drawbacks. Rather like the minute details included of Sacramento and California, like street names, etc….nice, but truly necessary?  Entirely the reader’s choice.

A twist of mystery, a vampire “cause”, a number of players introduced and expounded upon from the main character’s view, Shake, who I found far less compelling or interesting than most of the secondaries like Mio and Karla. Even ordinary people can have something unique about them, something that makes you want to learn more about them. That’s how we’re seduced, make associations for friend, lovers, or ourselves, how we become attached. I searched for that with Shake, yet it eluded me. From the tone and direction of the tale’s end, there may be forthcoming titles, perhaps in a series, from this author about “Shake” and his fellow undead and human friends and followers.


Description: Accidentally turned a century ago, the vampire who calls himself
“Shake” lives a life of inconspicuous suburban anonymity. His driver, Karla (ex-bartender, ex-part-time hooker), is the only human with whom he has regular contact. The only other vampire whose company he tolerates is that of the immensely wealthy and mysteriously powerful Mio Nagaishi. Cautious and prudent, he is, as Mio describes him, “like a wild animal sitting quietly in a room, patiently waiting for an excuse to leap out the window.” That excuse comes when he discovers an envelope in the closet of his latest blood donor.

The envelope contains news clippings and documents related to her husband’s unsolved murder. In itself, nothing that would normally interest a vampire. But among the documents is a photo of a man Shake has had an interest in for some time. On the back of the photo, the woman has written the word “BLOODSUCKER.” The coincidence is like a window, and Shake leaps though it. And thus begins a journey that will lead him to a unexpected confrontation with his own past. A quest for meaning washed in blood and violence, THE SHAKE is unlike any vampire novel you’ve ever read.


Published: October 2, 2010

Publisher:  Amazon Kindle by author

Available at Amazon, eletronically and in print.

Source: Author

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