Home Depot: Profiles in Courage by Jesse Myner

Review: A series of interconnecting stories of the crew of people at a Home Depot location, I suppose this was an attempt to show an “insider” view of what goes on between employees. Having worked at a Home Depot before, and there are certainly some unique characters, but honestly, none were this extreme. So it is non-fiction or fiction? If it’s fiction, I can imagine several of the “characters” were based on real people and/or events. If it’s non-fiction:

I’m sure the company might decide to take it as “freedom of speech” and it is supposedly fiction even though their logo and colors are used in its cover, but I’d bet their P.R. Department wouldn’t find the suggestion amusing that there are so many psychologically challenged and potentially murderous among their employees…but then, the same could be said for any company, couldn’t it? We never really know what goes on in people’s heads. In the end, I was left wondering what was the point was and how courage came into the equation.

Description: A collection of short but very true stories about the comically tragic lives of Home Depot associates and members of the freight team. For mature readers only: stories contain strong language and graphic sexual content.

Format: ebook, 35 pages
Publisher: The Human Side Press
Published: May 2011

Available at Amazon and Smashwords.

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