The Oracle Bone by S.J. Mallory

Review: Since I could read, I’ve always preferred fantasy and science fiction over contemporary fiction, as I was attracted to the escapism of the genre. With contemporary works, because they are set in modern times and places readers may know and more readily identify with or critique, yet fantasy can incorporate whatever the author wishes to add, in worlds of their creation.

S. J. Mallory had a strong vision in this work, and obviously a deep passion for the tale and its characters. The writing style didn’t work for me, and I found it hard to become engaged, especially in that the character and place names were in such a way as to distract me repeatedly from the story itself. That being said, to each his own. The Oracle Bone may be a story that appeals to other readers, and strike a spark that fires their imagination.

Description: “When color was the only sound, Goddess, the bringer of light, burst the dark like a rainbow fist through a stained-glass window, and in the silent kaleidoscopic wake there formed a world shaped as a left hand, long fingers stretched wide, slightly curved, tips firm on the cosmos.

For fans of high fantasy comes a Creation myth that evolves on a distant wilderness world, where a collision of prophecies sends Welkarte, a famous Mapper, and his traveling partner Naywan, a gifted academic and his longtime lover, on an epic quest to find the lost piece of Goddess enchanted alphabet, which if found will mend the broken language and give the Second Creation its voice.

A young Speller named Airtha reveals the magick that makes her the heart of the Second Creation. But she’s lost in the forest and needs help getting to the Library, where her soul is supposed to enter the Book of Worlds and finally make possible Goddess’ chosen world.

The wicked sorceress Viscera, who rules the Little Finger, conspires against Welkarte’s quest and by a twist of fate gains the magick of the Fire Sword, the glow of a thousand campfires in its sleek length, Evil’s ultimate weapon.

The only defense against such a blade is the Ice Sword, which Welkarte is destined to hold, but he can’t handle the magick necessary to wield it. Anger fuels his spells, and not only doesn’t he like that part of himself, he can’t control it, which was why for most of his life he seldom conjured anything beyond simple necessities. As Viscera rampages across the Hand threatening the future of the universe, Welkarte struggles with his own demons to find the peace he needs to summon the strength to face Viscera in the fight that will decide the fate of the universe.

An old gray dragon named Pensif, who has patiently waited for his chance to fulfill his destiny, a powerful Magu, one of the last of his breed, and a crew of brave mariners join the fight against the dark forces that would consume Airtha’s soul.

Replete with secret mysticism, fantastic creatures, stout heroes and black-hearted villains, the journey weaves from the Knuckle Mountains, to the Wrist, the Thumb and finally the Ring Finger, where Goddess faces Her greatest threat at the moment She is most vulnerable.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Published May 31st 2012
  • Publisher: S.J. Mallory
  • Available: Amazon
  • Source: Author

Author Profile:

SJ Mallory (1955-?) has eked out a living trying to be a writer since he was 17. Finally after years of vigorous research into the connection of whiskey and creativity he is publishing his work. Website:

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