One Mistake by Andy Frankham-Allen

Review: I love psychological stories. Ones that make you think, stories which are more than just a telling of a tale, and “One Mistake” fit that category for me. Without dancing around issues, long backgrounds or dialogue, we are introduced directly to Robert Hoard, the main character, and the plot, which I found believable though some might doubt the possibility of astral projection.

Though we are told some backstory without having directly experienced it, to me this didn’t feel jarring or abrupt. It takes a special skill to do so, and a certain mind which can appreciate the magic authors perform when they successfully create a well-rounded, balanced world in a minimum of pages.

Descriptions are outstanding in placing the reader at the scene, as well as building a sense of horror at what astral projection really can mean, and how it can be manipulated. I didn’t find the ending unexpected, yet “One Mistake” was a satisfying read. My favorite part was the fact it left me with a question. With his new found ability, what was next for Robert Hoard?

Description: When Robert discovers a business card in a phone box advertising astral projection lessons, he thinks he’s stumbled upon a way to improve on his ordinary life. Unfortunately, the instructor has much more sinister plans for his student.

Format & Length: ebook, 9 pages
Published August 2010 by Untreed Reads Publishing
ISBN13: 9781452404684
Source: Publisher through EAR.

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Filed under Fantasy, Fiction, Reviews, Speculative

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