Summer Love by Oliver Frances

Review: Sometimes there is that special person who inspires you from the first moment you see them. In the attempt to gain their favour, attention and love, even if they are fond of you, sometimes that milder emotion and friendship can be as agonizing as outright rejection. I found “Summer Love” to be a story of imperfections of personality and perception, of desire and melancholy devotion.

There were some places in the narrative where readers might become confused by the grammar and sentence structure, but having lived in one of Europe’s more multicultural cities, I recognized the “accent” in the words. For me, this made for an authentic feel which I perceived as essential for the English primary speaker to accept the author’s style of writing. That being said, I somewhat questioned whether the editor wished the author’s voice to remain “true to itself”, or simply missed correcting errors which would have improved the flow of the story.

There were periods throughout where point of view was not easy to ascertain, yet the author had a fine feel for developing the mood by establishing the setting. In the initial meeting of the two main characters, Frances’ description of the beach, the ocean was quite extraordinary: simple yet easily visualized. That opening scene very ably set the tone of impossible longing and the near fatalism one can feel when experiencing what one believes to be unrequited love.

In many ways, “Summer Love” is a dense, emotional story which must be read slowly to fully understand and appreciate the vision the author created, even doubly so as they insert what seems to be personal observations throughout. I found the book a story both compelling and unsettling as it reminded me of past heartaches and lovers now gone. Overall, I think this book is very successful in demonstrating the poignancy of  what “summer love” can be.

Description: This romance story begins at a low tide of emotion to evolve in a sea of whirlpool sensations.Kenny is a young man who meets Pat, a woman in her early thirties, on a summer day.The young makes the woman spring a world of emotions inside. And, through all the affair and some events of his life, Kenny turns into a grown man reasoning all the simple things which are usually overlooked. But, it is Pat who really learns about the essentiality of life.Summer Love is one story about emotions and philosophy about daily life.

Format: eBook and in print
Published: Mar. 22, 2010

Publisher: The Little French Company
Category: Fiction » Literature » Romance
Words: 12331 (approximate)
Language: English

Buy Link: Smashwords

Source: Publisher/Director of  The Little French Company

About the author:

Oliver Frances writes romance and mystery; also his work focuses on social issues. His short stories have been praised by fervent readers around the world, and some were published in Istanbul Literary Review. Frances has travelled to many countries and, from these journeys, has learnt about social and economics systems.


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