The Dinosaur Games by Christopher Gordon

Review: Book One in the Tyrannosaur Series. The Dinosaur Games has an interesting and rather unique story concept and plot which reminded me of animation series from the 1980’s. There were plenty of Saturday morning cartoons with story lines featuring good vs. evil in fantasy worlds or fictional settings. In this case, it’s young people forced to battle dinosaurs directed by diabolical people with a secret, nefarious plan to perhaps rule the world, or at least their part of it. Think “Dungeons & Dragons” with dinosaurs set in an alternative or futuristic Texas.

There’s lots of action and a fast moving pace, with terms and phrasing that young adults would identify with, and the author obviously has a strong idea and direction in which they wish to take this series. For me, the drawback was structuring and style, as the narrative is almost entirely in present tense, a screenplay-like mode. We’re always being told or described scenes and events with little or no transition, and this came off as rather disjointed. If you read the description, it reflects “The Dinosaur Games” style (available below). As I had an ARC copy, perhaps paragraph structure and formatting is different in the official released edition. Overall a unique premise, but I would be curious if the same style continues in Book 2 “The Revenge of the Gladiator,” which has recently been released. Dependent upon that, I would consider continuing an adventure among dinosaurs.


One week ago they took Jack’s neighbours.
Six days ago his parents.
Five days ago his brother.
Four days ago the girl he loves.
Three days ago he surrendered to them.
Two days ago Jack rode his first T-Rex.
Yesterday they made him a Gladiator.

Today he’ll save the girl he loves even if it means his own death.

Tomorrow they’ll wish they never let Jack Reaper enter the Dinosaur Games.

Publication Date: February 5th 2011

Publisher: Christopher Gordon

Buy Link: Smashwords

Source: Author

Author Bio:

Author of sci-fi/Fantasy thrillers for YA and adults with an emphasis on high adrenalin action and nerve jangling tension.

Books that both kids and adults can enjoy.


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