Rediscovering the Power of ‘No’ by Irina Avtsin

Review: Don’t be fooled by the happy looking frog on the cover, this book means serious business, for gaining the power to say “No”, is both an empowering and necessary step to take control of your own life. Written in a warm style, as if from a personal friend, I might have used more bulleted lists and arranged some of the material differently, but “Rediscovering the Power of ‘No'” is a worthy, little read.

This ebook is rather in a workbook format, with progressive exercises to help you get your “No” back in gear. It requests you really look deep into your motivations and some of the reasons one might feel overwhelmed by even simple requests. Some of the suggestions and encouragement might be common sense, but they are also things everyone needs to hear again, especially those struggling with everything from feelings of inadequacy to depression. Not to replace professional counseling if such is needed, it’s a good stepping stone for personal empowerment.

This is part of the Personal Confidantency Series.

Description: Make your life easier by learning to say ‘No’! This workbook will help you to start.

Why you might want to buy this workbook for yourself or as a gift?
Let’s see.  Have you ever found yourself doing a task that you felt should have been done by others?  Or watching the movie for the second time (that you did not want to see even once)?

If you did not say “no” to both questions – this workbook is for you!
You can avoid a lot of these and other unpleasant experiences, by (gasp!) saying “no” – the right way and at the right time.

Published by Irina Avtsin

Publication Date: 21 Jan. 2011

Genre: Self-Improvement, Self-Help, Lifestyles

Buy Link: Smashwords and Amazon

Source: Author

Author Bio:

Multilingual and multicultural Columbia Business School graduate Irina Avtsin has over fifteen years of business experience, working in several industries on a couple of continents. Irina is both personally and professionally familiar with the difficulties that arise from having to negotiate different careers and cultures.

She lived and studied in Israel and Russia. Irina’s keen interest in psychology, combined with business acumen and ability to understand others and view the situation through their eyes allowed her to help a lot of people through various life challenges.



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