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Serere, A Prelude (The Garden) by Andy Frankham-Allen

Review: Georgian England is one of my favorite time periods to read and study, especially when it involves the popular society’s cant, so it was a pleasure to read a story beginning in this era.

What I enjoyed about Serere, although it is short, novella length: it is dense. It isn’t a quick read. Each sentence has inflection and nuances that could be missed if you skim along. It’s intriguing to learn more of beings whose traits suggest vampirism, but promise to be much more and far beyond the common offerings of blood drinkers and sharers that have flooded the market. It’s a chilling angle that left me anticipating how the characters and story will develop, their motivations and ultimate goals.

We are taken briefly through a few time periods, but my preference was for the classic setting instead of the contemporary, where the modern language type with it’s particular curses were a bit much for me , but I always enjoy the fine descriptions and very readable, flowing style Frankham-Allen uses, “Serere” is the introductory tale in the series “The Garden”, which will be launched simultaneously in print from Hirst Publishing and in ebook format from Untreed Reads. I’ll be looking out for the next installments.

Note: This is a review I did for QMO Books as a guest reviewer, April 2011. Although it is also posted on my profile at Goodreads.com it seems I’d previously forgotten to ever post it here.

  • eBook, 1st
  • Published March 1st 2011
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
  • ISBN13: 9781611870763

 Description: In 1788 a mysterious man arrives in Newington Green, England, to discuss something of the utmost importance with Isobel Shelley. While there he happens upon the pages of the Book of Origin, and finds himself caught up in a series of events that lead him back to Newington Green 214 years later. There he bumps into a man called Willem Townsend; it is an accidental encounter that will change the lives of both men forever. Things have been set in motion, a prophecy waits to be fulfilled…

“A man can surely do what he wills to do, but cannot determine what he wills.”

This ebook-exclusive novella is a prelude to Frankham-Allen’s upcoming series The Garden, launching in March 2011 with Seeker. The series will be launched simultaneously in print from Hirst Publishing and in ebook format from Untreed Reads.

Author Bio:

Welsh-born Andy Frankham-Allen’s passion for writing began with a love of Doctor Who. He’s been writing since as far back as he can remember, and, although unsuccessful, he wrote a Doctor Who novel for BBC Books in 1996 after an accident caused him to be out of work for four months. Following that writing fell back into a hobby until 2001 when he began an ongoing fan-fiction series called Doctor Who: The Legacy, which carried on until 2006.

He has been writing professionally since 2004, through several official Doctor Who short stories, and since 2010 with horror shorts of Untreed Reads Publishing. March 2011 saw the release of his novel, ‘Seeker’, the first book in The Garden Saga, published in print by Hirst Publishing and in all digital formats by Untreed Reads.


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One Mistake by Andy Frankham-Allen

Review: I love psychological stories. Ones that make you think, stories which are more than just a telling of a tale, and “One Mistake” fit that category for me. Without dancing around issues, long backgrounds or dialogue, we are introduced directly to Robert Hoard, the main character, and the plot, which I found believable though some might doubt the possibility of astral projection.

Though we are told some backstory without having directly experienced it, to me this didn’t feel jarring or abrupt. It takes a special skill to do so, and a certain mind which can appreciate the magic authors perform when they successfully create a well-rounded, balanced world in a minimum of pages.

Descriptions are outstanding in placing the reader at the scene, as well as building a sense of horror at what astral projection really can mean, and how it can be manipulated. I didn’t find the ending unexpected, yet “One Mistake” was a satisfying read. My favorite part was the fact it left me with a question. With his new found ability, what was next for Robert Hoard?

Description: When Robert discovers a business card in a phone box advertising astral projection lessons, he thinks he’s stumbled upon a way to improve on his ordinary life. Unfortunately, the instructor has much more sinister plans for his student.

Format & Length: ebook, 9 pages
Published August 2010 by Untreed Reads Publishing
ISBN13: 9781452404684
Source: Publisher through EAR.

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New Normal by Jeffrey Ricker

Review: The ideas are simply presented and easy enough most any reader could visualize them: a person waking up disoriented after having died. I somehow found the tenses used a little strange, as sometimes it seems a memory, then at others, as if scenes were presently happening to the main character. The character was somewhat confused after their reawakening so descriptions understandably evidenced this.

The idea is interesting, yet it seemed to me like grasping for what you believe is solid or that a solidity will eventually occur, but it still only flows like water through your fingers.

I felt it was designed to make a reader think about how they would feel, what they might do if presented with a similar situation and in that, I felt it succeeded. The “New Normal” is an excellent tale that could be expanded into a longer story or novel, a sequel of sorts, as  it is an extremely thought provoking topic.

Book Description: What if doctors were able to transplant your mind into a new body after a terrible accident? What if, thanks to the process, you found you could no longer love the person you were with or live your old life? What would become your new ‘normal?’

Length: 6 Pages (PDF)

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The Clarent Pin by P.A. Bees

Easily engulfing as the fog which overwhelmed the main character as he drove along a stretch of highway, The Clarent Pin commands your attention with it’s neat, concise writing style and images that place you in Richard’s proverbial shoes.  It’s a short story, so there’s a quick twist in the character’s behavior I found surprising, as what seemed a simple formless cloud grows into something infinitely more sinister.


Strange descriptions detail the stranger actions and emotions which plague Richard as he sinks deeper into a nightmare “non-world”. Distinct, shocking and memorable, after a suspenseful rise rise to climax, The Clarent Pin is a neat tale with a surprise ending that left me curiously satisfied.


Book Description: Russell likes everything in his life perfect and planned. A road trip with his wife results in an encounter with a strange fog. When Janice disappears, leaving him alone in the strange environment, Russell’s orderly way of life begins to crumble. What he doesn’t know is that there is an order to what’s happening, but somebody else is in control. A short story from our Spectres horror line.

Length: 8 Pages

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