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Noodle Theory by Albert Wu

Review: What do you do if you’re an astronaut in a space program struggling for funding and a noodle alien offers you his world? Mr. Annato doesn’t do what you’d expect! When a story makes me unexpectedly laugh out loud and it’s a comedy/parody, that’s a good thing. I was actually surprised into laughter not by an event, but by a simple description of a subtle action that truly struck me as funny. Revised sentence structure could have made it a little easier to understand and smoothed the flow, but you really have to suspense belief and just go with the crazy, fun flow of “Noodle Theory” by Albert Wu. It’s sci-fi/fantasy. It’s comedy and doesn’t take itself too seriously (or maybe it does.)  Anyway, it’s a great little read at just around ten pages.

Description: “In a lonely rented room above an Hong Kong noodle bar, a wronged lover, thirsting for revenge, lays his plans and forges a mad obsession that will one day change the world and lead all Creation – and even God Himself – to turn Chinese!!!”

  • Format: eBook
  • Published: July 27th 2011
  • Published by: Albert Wu, via Smashwords & at Amazon
  • ISBN: 0011436646
  • ISBN13: 2940011436642
  • Source: Author
  • Genre: Dark Humor, Parody

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