#BookReview: “The Story of Lucius Cane” by Vanya Ferreira #DarkFantasy

vfGenre: Dark fantasy
Length: Short Story
Available: Amazon, Feb. 9, 2016
Source: Author

Synopsis: “London, 1794. Lucius Cane, a peculiar vampire, comes upon an opponent the likes of which he has never seen before – a brute with remarkable abilities. But not all is as it seems as their encounter unfolds in a manner that neither of them expected.”

Review: “The Story of Lucius Cane” is a short that promises to be just the beginning in a series of work by Vanya Ferreira. It introduces the characters of Lucius Cane, a vampire, and Jack Estenborough, a.k.a. “The Hound” who became a “half-kind” werewolf after being targeted and marked by a mysterious wolf. Former farmer, turned pirate turned assassin and hunter, Jack is hired to eliminate the debonair yet deadly blood-drinker, but they’re both in for a surprise when the confrontation begins.

Authors newly launching their work into the evolving market of online publishing often learn quickly, sometimes by trial and error. Enthusiasm is great and very much needed, but also the attention to little details such as sentence structure, word choice and repetition, but those are things that can improve with time and experience. This new characters in the “dark” world of lycans and vampiris will doubtless be welcomed by the many lovers of the genre, and as I understand more ebooks will follow so their backgrounds and stories can expand.

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