The Dashing Mister R by M. Daniel Nickle

Review:  Honestly, at times the writing reminded me of my own in a way, and definitely reflected the kind of work I often enjoy.  There is a literary quality to the writing, for it contains many vivid descriptions of people, places and things some might find superfluous but I liked the vivacity and vision. Similarly also to some of my stories, Sebastian, the main character, is gay but this is not the central focus of the story. It’s part of it, true, just like it is a part of the character’s individuality. There is a poignant gay love story throughout the whole, but it is not limited to romance, and I particularly like that distinction as well.

The narrative voice unhesitatingly provides the character’s thoughts, which were often detail focused and reminded me of Rita Mae Brown’s work. Though some anecdotes and idioms used reference regions of the U.S. that many might certainly find amusing and relevant, they were notable but rather lost on a “semi-foreigner” like myself. To me, there were some issues with clarity of thought at times, and I thought more transitional phrases and changes to paragraph structure might have helped, but there was always a strong sense of direction.

Sometimes less is “more” when a story is so descriptive, but the lavishness of the writing was very hypnotic, almost seductive, as the mystery of the Mister R built to a climax that makes you say, “Ah ha!” A dark fantasy within a contemporary world, with a surprising twist at the end, The Dashing Mister R was a very satisfying read, a good debut effort by the author.

Description: What happens when someone realizes the story of his life isn’t the right story? What happens when he discovers the so-called point of no return is a fairytale? What if a person could find his way back and make things right?

The Dashing Mister R centers on award-winning journalist Sebastian Stephens who has fled his life and career in New York City and taken refuge in his boyhood home in the Garden District of New Orleans. He had had everything he ever wanted: a brilliant career, a nice Manhattan apartment, and he was in love, though not with the sort of person he expected. The stress of the forbidden affair along with a horrific murder case neither the police nor he could solve proved to be too much and he fled. Now, years later, he receives a mysterious stranger who portends life changes for Sebastian by means of a confession the stranger wants to make about the case. The information, however, comes at a price. Stephens is confronted with a choice. He can either reclaim his life, or lose it forever.

  • In print and electronic formats
  • Published May 26th 2011 by CreateSpace
  • ISBN 1461039487
  • ISBN13: 9781461039488
  • Available at Amazon, and other online distributors
  • Source: Author

Trailer for The Dashing Mister R:

Author Bio:

M. Daniel Nickle is a Kansas City native.  He graduated from Bishop Miege High.  Afterwards, he attended Avila College on a Theatre Arts scholarship before earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from William Jewell College in Liberty Missouri.During his tenure at William Jewell, Daniel was given the opportunity to study at the Harlaxton Study Centre, an extension campus in Lincolnshire, England.  There Daniel studied drama, literature and art.  His two favorite areas of his literature studies were the English romantic poets and American writers in exile.

Daniel lived in Dallas, Texas before his move to New York in 1993.  Business took him regularly to New Orleans.  Here he fell in love with the Garden District, the French Quarter and the muffulettas from Central Grocery he honors in his book. 

As an actor, Daniel has worked both on stage in his one-man shows of his own creation at the Duplex Cabaret Theater in New York as well as in television and films.  His comedic timing as well as his sense of the dramatic make his storytelling personal and captivating.

His first novel, THE DASHING MISTER R, comes from a background seasoned with his Catholic upbringing, his interest in the occult, and the interesting friends and life experiences he has enjoyed and which have made his life anything but bland.  For this, he is truly thankful.


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