Updates and News on Flying With Red Haircrow

Update May 2012. I had a transient ischemic attack (or prelude stroke) mid-April 2012, or last month. Further info is in my post, “Lingering Effects of the ‘Kiss’ of the Spider” at my main website, Songs of the Universal Vagabond.

Update January 2012. Whether you follow the “Flying With Red Haircrow” review/interview blog site or just happen to stop by sometimes, you’ll find there are periods of time where I do not post, and for seekers of review, you’ll see I’ve not been accepting reviews since August 2011.

If you journey back to post, Helping Others in Literary Pursuits, you’ll read about why I started this site and why there are significant pauses in reviews or my own writing or interaction online. Recently, the outcome of all that (please reference) is I have to have a major surgery that will require several weeks recovery during which I will be on complete bedrest. Since I still will have to participate in my university studies, I’m going to have to focus on that and healing.

Thanks for your time and reading along,

Red Haircrow


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3 responses to “Updates and News on Flying With Red Haircrow

  1. Beverly C

    I hope all is well and a speedy recovery.Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Sure hope you’re on the mend. We need you to be up and at “em.

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